Museum Studies Minor


Program Director: Prof. Cyril Reade 

The museum studies minor is for students working toward careers in art, science, and history museums, public history projects, or art galleries and auction houses. They will develop practical skills, gain knowledge of best practices, undertake internship experience, gain awareness of current debates, experience an appreciation of teamwork and flexibility, and a theoretical understanding of the role the museum.   

  • 50:698:205 Introduction to Museum Studies I    
  • 50:698:401 Museum Studies II    
  • 50:698:409 Museum Internship (BA)  
  • 50:68:410 Museum Internship (BA)  

With permission students make take 50:698:409 and 50:698:410 twice. 

Or two courses from the following areas: 

 Art Writing

  • 50:570:336:90 Review Writing 
  • 50:989:301:90 Art of Revision 

Web Design

  • 50:989:306:90 Writing New Media 


  • 50:192:330:90 Special Topics: Workplace Communications 

Public History

  • 50:509:300 Public History Practice 

When offered 

  • 50:698:408 Individual Study in Museology   
  • 50:698:487 Special Topics in Museum Studies