If you are an undeclared major, you will be advised through Academic Advising.

Declared Fine Arts majors (visit the Registrar’s Office to declare your major) will see a departmental advisor in your area of concentration and choose one of the following listed below for general education requirements:

Departmental Advisors Area
Dr. Chinghsin Wu Art History
Dr. Joseph C. Schiavo Gen. Ed., Art, Art History, Music, and Theater
Dr. Julianne Baird Music
Dr. Mark Zaki Music
Prof. Paul Bernstein Theater
Dr. Robert Emmons Filmmaking
Dr. Kenneth Elliott Gen. Ed., Theater
Prof. Allan Espiritu Art Core Curriculum, Graphic Design
Prof. Ken Hohing Art Core Curriculum, Photography
Prof. LiQin Tan Art Core Curriculum, Animation
Prof. Margery Amdur Art Core Curriculum, Art Therapy, Painting and Drawing
Prof. Elizabeth Demaray Art Core Curriculum, Intermedia & Electronic Arts, Sculpture/Ceramics

Meeting With an Advisor

You should see a departmental advisor at least twice a year before and during pre-registration periods.

Graduating seniors must make an appointment with the Department Chair for senior review (generally in February). Specific dates and times for senior reviews will be posted in the fine arts office and sent via email to all fine arts students.

When making an appointment, bring with you the following:

  1. A copy of your most recent unofficial transcript, which may be obtained online.
  2. Your preferred schedule (e.g., day courses, evening courses, or both)
  3. A list of questions if you might want to ask
  4. A tentative course schedule you might have in mind before your meeting. 
  5. Transfer students meeting with a departmental advisor for the first time should bring, if available, the transfer credit evaluation from the Registrar’s Office and transcripts from their previous institutions, with courses marked for transfer evaluation. It would be a good idea to bring the school’s catalog, course descriptions, course syllabi, or texts with you to help your advisor evaluate specific courses in your program.

Using Degree Navigator

Degree Navigator is an online system for students to evaluate their academic progress toward their degree.

The program allows students to track general education and departmental requirements that have been met or those that remain. It is not a substitute for seeing a departmental advisor. Electronic art majors should note that Degree Navigator defaults to Studio Art.