Intermedia is a growing area of art practice and education that focuses on the intersection between fields. In this concentration disciplines, technologies and art practices are combined to create artworks, designs and artifacts. At Rutgers—Camden, students in the Intermedia: Art and Technology (IAT) Program may study traditional and emerging art forms that include performance, video, 3D fabrication, digital sculpture, public and place-based art, biodesign, eco-art and community practice.

Key to this area of concentration is the completion of a self-proposed capstone thesis project. In their junior year an IAT student must propose a capstone project to two or more faculty mentors. If the project is accepted, the student may choose an individualized course of study, in consultation with their mentors. Past IAT student project work at Rutgers—Camden has included an African themed video game created in Game Maker, a claymation animation, a music video in support of a K-Pop style band, a 3D modeled ceramic sculpture for a biological research project, a puppet opera and an outdoor installation that is consumed by fungi. These self-directed projects are exhibited at the end of the year on campus at the Stedman Art Gallery or at LABitate, and art/sci urban collective located in the sculpture studio complex.

Students in IAT may use facilities across Rutgers—Camden including the sculpture studios which offer a woodworking shop, a ceramics lab, plaster facilities, an interactive media and robotics room, and an outdoor sculpture yard. These spaces afford students the freedom to experiment with various forms, technologies, and materials both in and out of class. Our highly skilled faculty members work one on one with our students to help them achieve ambitious goals while following effective safety practices. Students in IAT may also apply for the Advanced Sculpture Internship, which provides training in digital fabrication at the LEAP Academy Fabrication Lab. This breadth of instruction gives graduates the skills and thinking necessary for careers in today’s diverse and changing world. Come join our internationally renowned faculty and create new avenues for self-expression, interaction, and community engagement.

For information about the IAT concentration, contact Professor Elizabeth Demaray.