Art Therapy

The intention of this concentration is to prepare students for futures that may include graduate studies in art therapy, studio arts, art as social practice, careers in helping professions, and non-profit arts organizations. Emphasis will be placed on artmaking as a means for self-expression, dialogue, and inquiry, as well as an opportunity to explore one’s place within the context of community. Experiential learning opportunities such as travel abroad, internships, and community-based projects are encouraged. This is a multidisciplinary concentration that will require students to build strong foundations in studio art, art history, and behavioral psychology. As part of the Art Therapy curriculum, students will be interning in a medical facility and completing psychology courses connected to the concentration. Students in their senior year will develop a self-directed capstone project that will be presented within a gallery context.

A Master’s degree is required for professional practice in a medical environment, and students are encouraged to pursue graduate studies. This concentration contains all of the necessary ingredients, including individual mentoring, for students to make significant contributions in the world at large.

For information about the Art Therapy concentration, contact Professor Margery Amdur.