The fastest-growing section of the art program is the exciting discipline of computer animation. Students learn 2D/3D animation, 3D printing, and VR production skills to prepare for ambitious careers in the fields of animation, AI art, film-video, gaming, visual reality, advertising, architecture, bio-medical research, 3D printing and web design etc. The program offers the most comprehensive and advanced courses available in greater Delaware region, which has been ranks as #1 animation program in NJ state by Animation Career Review since 2020.

Three on-campus laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art networked computers and post-production units as well as all industry standard 2D/3D software. Many of our animation graduate students have worked in the animation/game industry as art directors and technical directors for various companies, such as Blue Sky Studios, Warner Brother, Digital Domain, Ubisoft (Canada), Skydance Animation, Apple (Vision Pro), BBC Earth, Framestore, Quiet Man, Psyop TV, The Mill, Smoke & Mirrors, Hybridge Technology (Canada), Studio D, Blue Point Games, Pixel Liberation Front, Fuse FX, Rocket Studio, Sarofsky Corp. etc. In addition, they have participated in making a variety of award-winning movies and games, such as Ice Age, Happy Feet, Ferdinand, Sesame Street 3D, Walking with Dinosaurs 3D, Assassin’s Creed Unity, etc.

For information about the Animation degree concentration, contact Prof. LiQin Tan.  

B.A. Degree Requirements

Core Curriculum (27 credits)

Required for all Art Program concentrations

  • 50:080:102 Visual Fundamentals (3)
  • 50:080:103 Sculpture Foundations (3)
  • 50:080:213 Graphic Design I (3)
  • 50:080:221 Drawing I (3)
  • 50:080:351 Painting I (3)
  • 50:080:279 Computer Animation (3)
  • 50:080:264 Digital Photography (3)
  • 50:082:102 Introduction to Art History II (3)
  • 50:082:354 Contemporary Art (3) or other upper lever Art History course

Animation Concentration (21 credits)


  • 50:080:280 Classical Animation (3) 
  • 50:080:386 Animation Storyboard (3) 
  • 50:080:387 Computer Animation II (3) 
  • 50:080:448 Character Animation (3)
  • 50:080:449 Animation Production (3) 
  • 50:080:483 Animation Capstone I (3) 
  • 50:080:493 Animation Capstone II (3) 

Elective Courses:

  • 50:080:388 3D Modeling & Printing (3) 
  • 50:080:447 Character Rigging (online) (3) 
  • 50:192:301 Video Game Design (3) (co-operated with Digital Studies Center) 
  • 50:080:392 Independent Study (3) 
  • 50:082:380 History of Animation (3) 




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