Painting & Drawing

What does it mean to be a practicing and successful contemporary painter today? The answer to this question continues to evolve. The Painting and Drawing Program at Rutgers–Camden prides itself on regularly updating the program, assuring continued student success in the world at large. The painting faculty, diverse in their areas of specialization, are successful practicing artists who are committed to preparing students to become professional practitioners.

Within a dynamic laboratory-like setting that encourages interdisciplinary and hands-on investigations, students are offered many options. Based on the understanding that painting as a medium has a rich historical lineage, students are introduced to and expected to develop a solid working knowledge of traditional as well as contemporary painting and drawing techniques. One of the main goals of the painting program is to achieve creative and critical thinking skills. All majors in their senior year are required to complete a capstone project, a self-directed body of work that will be exhibited in the Stedman Art Gallery.

Our program offers student-run activities, including the Art Students League and the Student Works Gallery. These university-supported organizations coordinate many activities, including trips to museums in New York City and Washington D.C. Through this rigorous creative exploration in a liberal arts university setting, students are fully prepared to attain advanced degrees in studio-art programs, art-therapy, conservation, public and community art, as well as entering professional and creative fields of practice.

For information about the Painting and Drawing concentration, contact Prof. Margery Amdur.

B.A. Degree requirements

Core Curriculum (27 credits)

Required for all Art Program concentrations

  • 50:080:102 Visual Fundamentals (3)
  • 50:080:103 Sculpture Foundations (3)
  • 50:080:213 Graphic Design I (3)
  • 50:080:221 Drawing I (3)
  • 50:080:351 Painting I (3)
  • 50:080:279 Computer Animation (3)
  • 50:080:264 Digital Photography (3)
  • 50:082:102 Introduction to Art History II (3)
  • 50:082:354 Contemporary Art (3) or other upper lever Art History course

Painting and Drawing Concentration (21 credits)

  • 50:080:222 Drawing II (3)
  • 50:080:352 Painting II (3)
  • 50:080:353 Painting III (3)
  • 50:080:451 Advanced Painting (3)
  • 50:080:489 Special Topics in Painting (3)
  • 50:080:XXX Advance Electronic Course (3)
  • 50:080:452 Senior Capstone in Painting (3)

For information about the Painting and Drawing concentration, contact Professor Margery Amdur.


Photo of Jake Foster work

Photo of Jake Foster work

Photo of Student work

Photo of Student work

Photo of Student work

Photo of Brielle Stoner work

Photo of Student work