VMPA Print Lab

A Teaching Lab and Printing Facility Serving the Rutgers University–Camden Community.

Established in 2019, the VMPA Print Lab is your one-stop source for your print and designing needs. Housed in the Fine Arts building on the Rutgers Camden Campus, the facility is both a service bureau and learning facility.

Please think of us as the campus Kinkos but with specified services for the campus community. Faculty train and advise graphic design students about business and design procedures on industry-standard printing and production equipment.

The VMPA lab caters to students, professors, staff, and both local and campus organizations. We provide full printing and design services working with a variety of payment options. We are open to consult with you about your project and printing needs!


What Services Can We Provide For You?

High-Quality Printing

Small print runs.
Large print runs.
Quality paper.
We can print it!

Binding & Cutting

Need it stapled?
Need it wire-O- bound?
Need it cut to size?
We can do it!

Design & Specialty Printing

Special event? A special idea?
Something a little different?
We can make it!

Must contact us for a quote.

What Is The Cost?

Our fees for printing are competitive and geared for our Rutgers University community only. We are not a for-profit entity but missioned to serve our campus and educate our students while covering our costs. We can print 1 to 5000 at a reasonable cost to you.

Click on the pages that pertain to you for specific costs. Pages are listed below.

How Does Express Printing Work?

Send your file online.
Pay for it online (Credit Card Only)
or RU Express.
We print. You pick up!
Any questions, feel free to contact us. vmpa-printlab@camden.rutgers.edu

Ready To Start? 

For Students
Students and Staff can use our easy online payment called Express Printing.


Fill out a Student class projects form, for final art prints, posters, photos, etc. for a course (You will need information from your Professor).

For Teachers
Teachers/Professors can use our easy online payment called Express Printing.


Teachers/Professors can go to this page if you need to set up payment for your class using the Student Course Fees form for class projects.

For Organizations
Staff can use our easy online payment called Express Printing.


Staff and Campus organizations, go to this page
if you need to set up payment using an IPO form


Click here to fill out the Express Printing Form.

Upload your files here!


You must pay before you receive the prints or design. No refund.  



9 am -12 pm & 3:30 – 5:30 pm

8 am – 11 am & 3:30 – 5:30 pm
3:30 – 5:30 pm
8 pm – 1 am
9 – 3 pm



The VPMA Print Lab hours can vary, please contact us before coming in for a pick-up.


Rutgers University-Camden
Fine Arts building
314 Linden St, Camden,
NJ 08102

Second-floor office