The mission of the filmmaking concentration in the Theater Program at Rutgers University–Camden is to develop the skills, craft, and imagination of its students, as well as to provide them with a strong understanding of the history and techniques of film and filmmaking within a well-rounded liberal arts context. The curriculum includes courses in the areas of pre-production, production, post-production, screenwriting, directing, acting, production design, lighting, and film history, with a commitment to student-generated work on and off campus. As part of a strong, interdisciplinary Department of Fine Arts and Theater Program, filmmaking students benefit from exposure to visual art, music, new digital media perspectives, and live theater with the direction and guidance of a professionally active faculty.

The filmmaking concentration at Rutgers–Camden is built upon collaboration. Faculty and students combine the resources and methods of both areas to work together and produce material for film and the stage. Students are encouraged to explore the wide range of opportunities the program offers, including participation in student and faculty produced film productions as well as on stage or behind the scenes in the season of plays presented each year in our two performance venues: the Walter K. Gordon Theater, a state-of-the-art 650 seat proscenium house, and the Black Box Studio, a flexible space for smaller productions.

For information about the filmmaking concentration, contact Professor Robert A. Emmons.

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