Prospective students applying to Rutgers University–Camden majoring in the Music Program with concentrations in Composition and Music Technology, Theories and Histories, Performance, or Music Education are encouraged to audition. By performing an audition, students will have a chance to meet with the faculty, receive feedback on their performance, and discover their potential in the program. In addition to that, candidates who satisfy the minimum requirements for university admission with lower SAT or ACT scores but a high audition score will be accepted to the university and the Music Program.

*Please note a separate audition is required to be completed for entrance into the Performance concentration after students are accepted into the Music Program. Acceptance into the Music Program does not guarantee an entrance into the Performance concentration.

There are two options for prospective first year and transfer students to audition:

Option 1: In-person audition on campus (recommended)

Option 2: Online audition submission

We are currently reviewing Music Auditions on a rolling basis. At this time, we are only accepting online submissions. Questions regarding Music Auditions should be directed to our Assistant Program Manager Kate Maugeri at

In-Person Audition

This option is recommended for candidates residing within travel distance to our campus (NJ and greater Philadelphia region).

Prospective students should register for an audition during one of our audition dates. Limited number of auditions will be held during our Arts Days.


Preparing for music auditions, you should prepare two contrasting pieces of any style

If you are interested in the performance concentration:

  • All scales & arpeggios
  • An etude or appropriate study piece
  • Two contrasting pieces from the baroque, classical, romantic or modern eras
  • Two contrasting jazz or standard pieces


Online Music Audition Submission

This option is for candidates who are unable to travel to our campus for the in-person auditions.

Deadline for university’s Early Action portfolio submission: January 1st, 2020

Deadline for university’s Regular Action portfolio submission: February 1st, 2020

All submissions received after the Regular Action submission deadlines will be processed on a rolling basis.


To submit a music audition for the admissions review, students should email links of their two contrasting performances following the same format as described for the personal auditions. Submissions should be emailed to


Preparing materials for online music audition submission:

  • You should share your performances in the format of YouTube links in the body of your email. Please indicate titles of the performed work and any other relevant information.
  • Students’ resume should be submitted in PDF format.
  • In the body of the email, include your full name, home address, date of birth, anticipated concentration within Music Program (Composition and Music Technology, Theories and Histories, Performance, or Music Education). Also include whether you are a first year student or a transfer student.
  • The subject line of the email should state “Music Audition Submission – your first and last name”. For Example: “Music Audition Submission – Frederic Chopin”.


Questions regarding music auditions should be directed to Kate Maugeri, Please do NOT send your performance YouTube links to this address. All online music audition submissions should be sent to