Art Program Learning Goals

Upon completion of the BA curriculum in Fine Arts students will attain the following skills:

  1.  Proficiency with art making technical skills—knowledgeable and experienced in the core disciplines of the studio and electronic arts. 
    Student should demonstrate proficiency in a number of studio and/or electronic media and to have an advanced level of proficiency in at least one medium or form of art expression. As students advance towards the degree an advanced level of technical and conceptual knowledge and art-making skill in at least one medium or art form should be demonstrated. Student should have basic familiarity with drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, animation and time based art.
  2. The ability to produce a body of work that displays perceptual ability, conceptual understanding and technical proficiency.
    Student should demonstrate technical, conceptual, aesthetic and imaginative mastery of at least one chosen art form or art discipline.
  3. The ability to articulate personal aesthetic ideas, philosophy and aspiration for making art in a variety of artistic, written and verbal methods. 
    Student should clearly express their artistic ideas and aspirations through verbal and written methods as well as through visual art.

  4. A breadth of intellectual knowledge that will allow the formulation of an aesthetic and cultural context for artwork.
    Student should have an intellectually sophisticated awareness of art and its societal context that is informed by many areas of knowledge.

  5. A general knowledge of art history and a more specific knowledge of the history and methodology of a chosen art discipline.
    Student should have a general knowledge of art history, and a more specific knowledge of the art of their chosen studio art discipline.

  6. The ability to function independently as professional artists.
    Student should work at a professional level and have the professional skills necessary to function independently as an artist.

Art Program Portfolio Reviews

Students entering the Studio and Electronic Arts Programs of the Department of Fine Arts will receive an initial portfolio review in accordance with the Portfolio Review Timetable and Requirements. This initial review is a baseline assessment of student work upon entering the art programs and should occur before registration for the first semester and shall occur no later than the end of the entering student’s first semester.

Thereafter portfolio reviews in accordance with the Portfolio Review Timetable and Requirements will take place once a year in the spring. Art majors who have not completed a portfolio review, will be unable to register for fine arts classes in upcoming semesters.