Pre-College Arts Program



Learn the fundamentals of computer animation and visual storytelling. In this course, you will explore 3D modeling, lighting, and animation techniques ranging from the fundamental ball bounce to character animation. Throughout the course you will be introduced to the wide possibilities the animation industry has to offer while building your foundations using the latest software such as Maya and Z-Brush. Students will collect their best works into an animation demo reel at the conclusion of the semester.


Graphic Design

This class will allow students to learn graphic skills and construct 2D computer designs, visuals, structures, and systems using Adobe Suite Programs such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. In addition to learning the skills and techniques, students will be exposed to the contemporary strategies and aesthetics used in the Graphic Design field today.


Oil Painting

Join us for an exploration of technical and conceptual issues of oil painting. Through the exciting and inventive assignments you will become familiar with the fundamental aspects of color, paint mixing, composition, texture, and ideas currently present in the contemporary art. The instructor will lead the group critiques to teach students on how to analyze their work using constructive art vocabulary.



Guitar and Jazz Studies

This interactive workshop offers an introduction to Jazz performance and improvisation. You will take part in improvising individually and collaboratively on several different compositions. Students who take this course will learn concepts that can be used for improvising solos as well as accompanying, and begin to develop the ability to freely “speak” the language of music. All instruments are welcome and prior playing experience is required.


Rock String Orchestra

Students will receive the opportunity to play challenging string orchestra arrangements of songs from the pop and rock genres, led by professional musicians. Students need to have minimum of two years experience on their instruments, be able to play with a solid, confident tone, and be comfortable in most upper possessions. Short auditions will be held on first day to determine seating arrangements, and there will be a final concert at the end of the course.


Vocal Arts

This class explores the art of singing on stage, for students seeking either the spotlight or the background. You will work with experienced professors to enhance your vocal talents. Students will collaborate with one another, but will also have the chance to do individual performances. You will also begin to develop a greater understanding for elements within vocal arts such as performing in different musical styles and the ability to match a pitch.




This course offers an understanding of theater performance, revolving around the process and the elements of acting. Through warm-ups, exercises, and improvisation, it focuses on the tools necessary for basic character development and techniques leading to performance. Through the study of acting we learn more about ourselves and how we communicate and interact as human beings.


Introduction to Filmmaking

This workshop will introduce film production to students interested in making short films. You will gain a basic understanding of visual storytelling, camera operation and editing, and you will have a chance to practice these techniques through producing your own films. There will be two major projects and students will work on projects individually and in groups.


Special Effects in Theater

From makeup work to explosions on stage, this class will introduce the execution of special effects in theater. You will learn and peak behind the scenes of the stage to see how crew members carry out these effects. Students will collaborate with one another and the instructor to develop these visual tricks, while taking into consideration all safety regulations.