Rutgers University Singers

Audition for the RU Singers

The Rutgers University Choir is open to the community, staff, and faculty members. Choir rehearsals are held in the Mallery Room (FA 224) in the Fine Arts building every Tuesday and Thursday 1:30-2:50 pm. Students are required to attend rehearsals on both days in order to receive credit for the class. Non-registered singers may join us on Tuesdays and as many Thursdays as possible.

The goal of the choir is to provide our singers and audiences with a rich musical experience. Singers can expect to perform repertoire in a variety of languages (English, German, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Church Slavonic, Russian, Hebrew, etc.) and in various musical styles (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Twentieth-Century), all of which will be enjoyable to the novice and experienced alike.

Director Julia Zavadsky aims to provide the singers with vocal and ensemble training that will stay with them their whole lives. Each rehearsal involves a combination of vocal instruction, ear-training, and language/diction instruction as well as basic score-learning and musical interpretation. Singers can expect to be challenged and enriched in many ways over the course of each semester.

Auditions are based on the ability to match pitch. Sight reading skills are not required.

Contact Professor Zavadsky at (856) 225-2892 or with your time preference. All the auditions will take place in the Mallery Room, located on the second floor of the Fine Arts Building.

outside group picture of choir

Choir in Gordon Theater