LiQin Tan

LiQin Tan

Professor of Art (Animation)
M.A. Concordia University
(856) 225-6247
Fine Arts Building, Room 256


Tan is a professor and head of the animation program at Rutgers University-Camden. He has served as a core board member of the Digital Art Committee and as a juror for the digital art gallery at SIGGRAPH. He was also one of the activists during the ’85 art trend of China. He has previously worked as an art director, animator, graphic designer, and executive art editor at local and worldwide industries.

Since transferring to the field of digital art, he has pioneered “Digital-Primitive” concepts, which have won great acclaim and a number of awards from both American and international art scenes. His artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally in both solo and group shows. Examples include SIGGRAPH (‘02-’07), Ars Electronica, Electronics Alive IV, iDMAa04-08, the National Art Museum in China, Songzhuang Art Museum, Moscow Int’l Festival of Animation & Media Art, the Beijing World Art Museum, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Shanghai DuoLun Museum of Modern Art, the National Center for Computer Animation in UK, the Centre D’Art Contemporaine in Montreal, the Singapore Art Museum, the LaSalle Univ. Art Museum, the LA Center for Digital Art, the Noyes Museum of Art, the Jiangsu Art Museum, and the Guang Dong Art Museum, amongst others.

In recent years, he has concentrated on exploring singularity art. His publications include a number of articles regarding singularity art, contemporary art, art criticism, art education, and animation. He has also published books and catalogs such as Digital Natural Art, Digital Artwork Collection II, Character Animation & Rigging, and Tan On Art/Art On Tan. His latest book, Singularity Art, is being published in 2018.

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